Open Catalog Interface Compliance

The Open Catalog Interface (OCI) connects Supplier-Hosted Catalogs to PG&E systems via HTTP protocol over the Internet, allowing product data to be transferred directly from the supplier’s catalog to PG&E’s system. This allows PG&E buyers to access a Supplier-Hosted Catalog, select products from the supplier’s host site, and transfer the product data to PG&E’s system.

To Become OCI Compliant, Supplier-Hosted Catalog suppliers must complete 5 steps:

  1. Production URL and User Profile Setup: The supplier provides their internally/externally hosted production URL and corresponding Logon ID and Password. Suppliers providing multiple URLs for different PG&E groups must indicate which URL belongs to which group.
  2. PG&E Production Catalog Content: The supplier must prepare and validate the production Punch-Out site that displays PG&E-specific items and pricing.
  3. Standard OCI Field Mapping: Referring to OCI Fields for PG&E (PDF, 15 KB), confirm the external website passes the PG&E-required OCI fields make to PG&E’s system.
  4. Latest xCBL Version for Integrated Suppliers: The Supplier must use xCBL version 3.5 for purchase order transmission.
  5. Validate Purchase Order Details: Suppliers are expected to assist PG&E in testing this new system. We will send you one or more test purchase orders and ask you to validate the information you have received.

Further information about OCI