Material and Supplies by Material Type

PG&E Material Type List

Pacific Gas and Electric Company sells material and equipment in the categories listed below, when surplus is available. Please check our Specialties Sales page for currently available items.

Type CodeRef ID
B Construction Supplies
CConductors, Cable, and Wire Connectors
DPumps, Compressors, Blowers and Cooling Tower Parts
E Electrical Specialties
FFuels, Lubricants, and Oils
GGas and Water Specialties
HChemicals, Cleaners, Compounds and Laboratory Supplies
IPoles, Insulators & Hardware, Bushings & Bus Supports
JGenerators, Motors, and Industrial Control Components
KElectrical and Electronic Equipment Components
LLighting Fixtures and Lamps
MMeasuring Instruments
NCommunication and Signaling Equipment
QEngines, Turbines and Waterwheels
RTransformers, Regulators, and Capacitors
SFabricated Structures
TTools, First Aid and Safety Supplies
UMaterial not otherwise classified and Categoric Codes
WPrinted materials, Signs, Office supplies, and Furniture
YComputers and Parts