RECs Request for Offers

PG&E is requesting offers for the sale of Qualified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). A qualified REC is used for compliance with the RPS requirements and includes a certificate of proof, issued through the Western Renewable Generation Information System, that 1 megawatt-hour of electricity was generated by an RPS-eligible renewable energy resource and delivered for consumption by California end-use retail customers.

Through this RFO PG&E will consider offers from the following new and existing resources:

• Renewable Generation
• Distributed Generation
• Qualifying Facilities ("QFs")

Complete requirements to participate and a schedule of required submittals are contained in the RFO protocols below.

Renewable Energy Credits RFO Schedule

PG&E Issues REC RFOMarch 12, 2009
Deadline for Participants to submit offer including mark-up of PPAApril 2, 2009 (3pm PPT)
PG&E selects shortlistApril 30, 2009
Agreements executed and submitted for CPUC ApprovalQ2 - Q3 2009

RECs RFO Protocols and Supporting Documentation

California Public Utilities (CPUC) Decision and Orders

On March 13, 2009, the CPUC issued the decision that authorizes the procurement and use of tradable renewable energy credit (TRECs) for compliance with the California renewables portfolio standard (RPS) program. It also delineates the structure and rules for a TREC market and for the integration of TRECs into the RPS flexible compliance system.

The use of TRECs for RPS compliance will provide more options and
flexibility for RPS-obligated load-serving entities to comply with RPS mandates in both the near and longer term. Over time, it will also provide additional flexibility and incentives for the development of RPS-eligible generation.

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