RECs Request for Information

PG&E is seeking information for the sale of Qualified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) through this Request for Information. A qualified REC is used for compliance with the RPS requirements and includes a certificate of proof, issued through the Western Renewable Generation Information System, that 1 megawatt-hour of electricity was generated by an RPS-eligible renewable energy resource and delivered for consumption by California end-use retail customers.

Through this RFI PG&E is requesting information for the sale of Qualified RECs from the following new and existing resources:

• Renewable Generation
• Distributed Generation
• Qualifying Facilities ("QFs")

Complete requirements to participate and a schedule of required submittals are contained in the RFO protocols below.

Renewable Energy Credits RFO Schedule

PG&E Issues REC RFIOctober, XX, 2010
Deadline for Participants to submit an RFI responseOctober, XX, 2010 (3pm PPT)

RECs RFO Protocols and Supporting Documentation

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