2004 Long Term RFO - Power Purchase

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Pacific Gas and Electric Company ("PG&E") is seeking long term contracts with generators for electric capacity and energy beginning in 2008. In this 2004 Long Term Request for Offers - Power Purchase (the "RFO"), PG&E is seeking Offers from Participants pursuant to which PG&E would enter into agreements to purchase capacity and energy to meet PG&E's resource needs. Parties interested in submitting Offers in response to this RFO are referred to PG&E's RFO and related data and information described below.

2004 Long Term RFO - Power Purchase Schedule

Updated 3/18/05

Re-Publication of Final RFOMarch 18, 2005
Deadline to Initiate Interconnection StudiesMarch 28, 2005
Participants Asked to Submit Notice of Intent to OfferApril 8, 2005
Deadline for Respondents to Submit Initial OffersApril 27, 2005

2004 Long Term RFO - Power Purchase and Appendices (All Updated 3-18-05)

Transmission Related Information and References

Pre-Offer Conference - October 15

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