All Source RFO Announcements and Updates

PG&E announces the Participants Workshop

The Participants Workshop (PPT, 996 KB) was held on June 19th via the webinar only. There was an opportunity for participants to submit Questions via the Long-term RFO mailbox which have been posted below under the Q&A section below.

Reposted Power Purchase Agreement on July 16, 2008

We have reposted the clean version and redline version of the Power Purchase Agreement in its entirety. There have not been any changes to the form agreement since the July 3, 2008 revision date.

Revised Appendices on July 7, 2008

The following Appendices have been revised as of July 7, 2008:

Appendix E: FERC 2004 Waiver
Appendix F: Power Purchase Agreement
Appendix F: Power Purchase Agreement Red line version
Appendix F: Power Purchase Agreement Appendices Zip file (ZIP, 1.2 MB)
Appendix I: Generation Facility Form - Non-as Available Resources
Appendix N3: Technical Specifications: Generation Operation Characteristics

Form Agreement Announcement: Issued May 14, 2008

PG&E is advising all Potential Participants that we have posted the Form Agreements for the Power Purchase Agreement ("PPA") which has been revised as of June 13, 2008 and the Purchase and Sale Agreement ("PSA").

While these drafts generally mirror the Term Sheets from the April 1 Protocol we have modified the provision covering termination prior to commercial operation. The PPA and PSA form agreements now limit the pre-commercial operation termination to an established formula which escalates the amount of damages over time.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

Form Agreement Announcement: Issued May 9, 2008

PG&E is advising all Potential Participants that the posting of the Form Agreements for the Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) and the Purchase and Sale Agreement (“PSA”) will be delayed until the week of May 12. PG&E will send a separate notice when the Form Agreements have been posted to the website.

Q&A Posted

PG&E posted the Questions & Answers for the All Source Long-term Request for Offers. This information covers the Questions & Answers received from both the April 21 Participants Bidders Conference and submittals to the Long-term RFO mailbox through April 30, 2008. We highly recommend all Participants review the complete set of Questions & Answers and incorporate this additional information into their Offer. Questions & Answers such as the following example will provide guidance to Participants in formulating the best possible Offer:

Q: Will PG&E consider an accelerated approval schedule for resources that can come on line earlier than the RFO specified dates?

A: PG&E encourages bidders to offer projects with much earlier on-line dates. PG&E may give a preference to resources that could come on-line earlier, and may consider a faster track approval process assuming contract terms and conditions are agreed upon.

We encourage Participants to submit additional Questions via e-mail to the All Source Long-term Request for Offers mailbox at In addition, we recommend Participants check the website frequently at for additional updates.

Bidders Conference Presentation Posted: Issued April 25, 2008

The presentation from the Bidders Conference (PPT, 3 MB) held on Monday, April 21, and the attendees list has been posted to our website:

PG&E Issues All Source Request for Offers: April 1, 2008

PG&E issued its All Source Long-Term Request for Offers Solicitation. PG&E is seeking to procure 800-1200 MW of new resources, with a preference to obtain new dispatchable, operationally flexible resources with on-line dates no later than May 2015. Bids are due on July 21.

Copies of the solicitation protocol and related information and materials are now available on PG&E’s website at: