SmartMeter™ Curriculum

As part of PG&E's ongoing commitment to powering the communities of California, it’s clear that energy efficiency and conservation critical. That means making sure that every Californian, even the youngest ones, are educated about the energy we all use in our daily lives. That's why we have programs like our PG&E Solar Schools Program, the PG&E Bright Ideas Grant Program and many of our other education efforts.

With the recent conversion to SmartMeters™, PG&E understands that customers want to know more. More about how SmartMeters™ work, how they will be used in PG&E's Smart Grid efforts, and how the installation of a SmartMeter™ might impact their energy bills. Each time we undertake a major effort, we strive to inform, to educate, and to respond to any questions that our customers might have. So we worked with our education partner, the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project, to put together a SmartMeter™ curriculum module for teachers and students. We also created a corresponding video that explains the career opportunities associated with this new technology.™.pdf

This classroom module is available for grades 6th – 12. It covers math, science, and technology and offers extensive backgrounders so students can read, explore, and share what they have learned with their peers and their families.

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